Cocoa Polyphenols Capsules 600mg x 100

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Nature's Goodness Australia Cocoa Polyphenols Capsules 600mg x 100

Cocoa Polyphenols is a cacao extract made from raw, unfermented cacao beans. This ensures the polyphenol antioxidants are not damaged as they are in roasted cocoa powder, giving maximum antioxidant and nutritional value.
Raw cacao extract is rich in polyphenols such as (-)-epicatechin, shown to improve brain health and cognition. Cacao extract is also rich in theobromine, a caffeine-like compound that improves alertness.

Take 2-4 capsules once daily in the morning. Store in a cool dry place.

Organic raw cacao extract, hydroxpropylmethylcellulose (Vegetarian capsule)