PREMIUM NABIZ JUICE with Resveratrol 500ml *EXPORT ONLY*

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Premium Red Grape Skin Extract Blend Pomegranate Juice

It was observed for a long time that in France is considerable less cardiovascular diseases then in rest of the Europe. It became known as “French Paradox”. French cuisine is known for high saturated fat content and higher then average consumption of red wine while dining. Research shown that polyphenol substance found in red wine, called RESVERATROL, had highly protective capabilities to deposits of cholesterol in a cardiovascular system.

In addition it was also found that RESVERATROL had more beneficial properties then initially thought.

How it works
Resveratrol is a phytoalexin - antibacterial and anti-fungal substances produced by plants as part of their defense system against pathogens. Red grape skin is a particularly rich source of resveratrol. It has been suggested that Resveratrol may play a significant role in the “French Paradox”.

Nature’s Goodness Nabiz Juice is a synergistic blend of pomegranate juice and antioxidants of the red grapes.

Premium Nabiz juice contains over 1000 times more Resveratrol that found in ordinary red wine (our Reseveratrol is extracted from red grape skin)

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